Wall Covering

Wall Covering

Edofleks is specializing in the production of fabric backed wall coverings. They produce commercial products with high quality. Their products are durable and have unique designs. They have a wide range of collections.

Coatings for high traffic areas are fabric backed vinyl wallpaper. You can use it in hotels, hospitals, and offices. Commercial products are important for health and safety. This type is useful for interior designers and construction companies.

Hotel Wall Covering

Hotel wallpaper is produced with the latest technology. They have gorgeous effects in interior design. Edo-tex wallcovering has anti-bacterial, water repellent, and fire retardant features.

Designs, patterns, and colors are customizable to the designer’s needs. The factory is in Istanbul and offers various colors and designs. Edofleks is established in 1978 and has good brand awareness.

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